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The importance of "undoing aloneness"

Updated: Jul 19

AEDP, an approach based on neuroscience research, infuses what we've learned about attachment theory, emotions, transformational theory and infant-mother research.A trauma-informed approach, it privileges healing as well as insight. The goal of this work is to tend to the deeper causes of anxiety, depression, or other symptoms by unearthing the roots of these struggles.

The underlying cause of our distressing symptoms can often be traced back to buried emotions that could not be processed at the time due to feelings that seemed overwhelming and unmanageable in the setting of unbearable aloneness. Without support from a caregiver or loved one to manage the giant emotions ignited by life's experiences, we resort to relying on other defense mechanisms such as shutting down, distracting or numbing. Yet the burying of our emotional energy fosters a lonely place of psychological darkness and can create a "stuck-ness" to our energy-- leading to depression, anxiety and other mental and physical symptoms. When our trapped emotional energy is safely released and digested in the presence of a regulated, compassionate and trusted other, our bodies also begin to re-regulate, and we transport to an inner state which ultimately feels more "right", and more openhearted.


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