MIndfulness-Based Approaches

Mindfulness encourages us to cultivate a "noticing practice" by which we study ourselves through a curious and nonjudgmental lens. With inner awareness, we can tap into the informational wellspring lodged within the nooks and crannies of our bodies, thoughts, memories, images, dreams and belief systems-- and become more Self-acquainted. We may discover different parts of ourselves who cling to outdated and burdensome stories that no longer serve us. Through witnessing and attending to these often younger parts, we can lighten their load or make more intentional choices.

Curating a mindful lens in our daily lives is also empowering; we become more intentional in choosing how we respond to our inner world and in our encounters with others.

Gayle Waitches at Illumination Counseling offers mindfulness-based approaches to individual and couple's therapy in SE Portland.

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