Methods and Training

The bedrock of therapy rests most importantly on our relationship. My hope is to create a communal space where you experience safety, trust, love and acceptance, and within which you feel supported to explore all that is important.

Some of my professional studies which might help to accompany you along your therapeutic journey include:


* Hakomi and other Mindfulness-based philosophies (Ron Kurtz) 

* Internal Family Systems (Richard Schwartz, PhD)

* Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Processing (Diana Fosha, PhD) 

Emotionally Focused Therapy (Susan Johnson, EdD) 

* Emotion Focused Therapy (Les Greenberg, PhD)

* Interpersonal Neurobiology (Dan Siegel, MD)

* Positive Neuroplasticity (Rick Hanson, PhD)

* Polyvagal Theory (Stephen Porges, PhD)

* Intimacy from the Inside Out (Toni Herbine-Blank, RN, MS)


* Imago Therapy (Harville Hendricks, PhD) 



Illumination Counseling


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